We Repair & Install Oil, Natural Gas and Propane Equipment

Augusta Natural Gas has over 15 years of experience in the care and maintenance of:

  • Heating oil systems
  • Natural gas heating systems
  • Propane heating systems

We can service any type fuel-driven heating systems including:

Our fully trained technicians can diagnose and fix any problems with your oil, natural gas or propane systems.

When you call us for service on your heating oil, propane or natural gas equipment, you will always speak to a professional at Augusta Natural Gas. We will be happy to discuss your heating issues, and can schedule a service technician to come out the same day.

Oil Boilers and Heaters Require Annual Maintenance

Your oil boiler uses oil to heat your home. Much like your car, this oil is constantly filtered to maintain the boiler’s efficiency. The oil filter must be changed annually. You can increase your boiler’s efficiency by up to 10% by servicing it and replacing the oil filter annually.

Natural Gas and Propane Furnaces Need to be Cleaned Annually

Gas and propane furnaces burn natural gas. Parts inside the furnace must be kept clean so that the gas flames burn efficiently, and don’t cause a fire or leaking gas hazard. Save money, stay warmer and keep your family safe by having your furnace annually serviced by Augusta Natural Gas & Mechanical.

Let us Annually Maintain Your Heating and Cooling Systems

We offer regular preventative maintenance plans to keep your oil, natural gas and propane systems operating at peak efficiency. We are also your trusted air conditioning and water heater repair and installation professionals. To schedule a preventive maintenance tune-up or to learn more about our money-saving service plans, please contact us today.