Increase the Efficiency of Your Heating System

We offer heat pump installations and repairs in Augusta, ME

Heat Pumps provide more flexibility by allowing you to heat or cool only a few rooms at a time, rather than heating or cooling the entire home or building. Augusta Natural Gas offers heat pump installations and repairs to keep your home or office comfortable. We are an elite installer of Fujitsu brand heat pumps. Call 207-724-8034 today to learn more about heat pump installation for your home or office in Augusta, ME.

3 long-lasting benefits of heat pumps

3 long-lasting benefits of heat pumps

Augusta Natural Gas is proud to offer a variety of rebates on heat pump installations. Our brands offer a 12-year parts warranty on the units we install. There are various benefits that come with heat pumps, including:

  1. They are efficient in providing supplemental heat
  2. They require less maintenance
  3. They have a long lifespan

We can talk to you about heat pump needs to find the unit that will be best for your home or office. Contact Augusta Natural Gas to get an estimate on heat pump installation in the Augusta, ME area.