Fixing a broken boiler in Augusta, ME

Boiler Repair & New Boiler Installation Services in Augusta, ME

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Boilers use hot water or steam to distribute heat throughout the entire house. Most systems use baseboards or radiators as the end point to distribute the heat from the boiler. When your boiler breaks or becomes less efficient, you will notice the difference.

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Boilers come in all different shapes, sizes and brands. Our furnace repair professionals are well trained to service and repair all types of boilers including newer boilers and older boilers that may have come with your home. If your home is not reaching the heat temperature you desire, or you hear rumbling, gurgling or whistling noises when you turn on the boiler, these are signs that your boiler may need service or repairs.

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3 things you should know about your boiler

At Augusta Natural Gas we pride ourselves on being able to educate our clients. Below are three things you may not have know about the boiler in your home:

1. Modern boilers do not actually boil water.
2. Boilers provide radiant heat. They do not heat up the air in the room like a furnace.
3. You should have your boiler inspected annually by a professional boiler service in Augusta, ME

If you have questions about your boiler or need to schedule an inspection, call Augusta Natural Gas at 207-724-8034.

Make your boiler last for years!

If you have a professionally installed and maintained boiler, they can last over 20 years! With one heating appliance lasting so long, it’s important to replace it when age has finally caught up to it, or when it’s no longer cost-effective in heating your home.

If you have boiler repair questions or your boiler has not been inspected this year, call Augusta Natural Gas at 207-724-8034.